Bulk Export

You must have the MYSLP/Professional level or the WPSLP plug-in with the Power add-on .

  1. Go to the Store locator Plus side bar menu, select the Locations tab
  2. Select from the drop down  menu under BULK actions , select export  Download to CSV.
  3. You may select  the locations by clicking either individually and Apply  or select the Apply /  ALL button or you may  filter what you wish to export.Screenshots, the first one is the Plug-in  menu

    Above shown is the WPSLP plug-in with Power add-on
Above shown is the SLP/SaaS Professional level plan sidebar . Look under SLP/Locations/export

Additional Export Filters

Filter the locations that are exported using the filters “with Properties” ( see the drop down list to filter by zip, by categories)

Export Filters
WordPress SLP with power add-on
*MYSLP Professional level or higher

Large List Exports

The download window for CSV export files can take several minutes per 1,000 locations to appear depending on your server and configuration. There is an Export to Hosted CSV file for WPSLP users, it  works similar to the functionality for the import from a remote URL.

Check out the Large List Import hints for fine tuning your server environment.