Build the ultimate locator and directory service for your visitors.

Exclusive to Premier Members and (some of the functionality also available for  MySLP Enterprise level subscriber)s, Premier/Enterprise provides added functionality and features you cannot find elsewhere.


Priority first-answer Premier member forum.

Territory support to assign locations to user-searched addresses versus standard distance-based searches.

Category Selector options Button bar, horizontal or vertical checkbox selector

Cluster markers for a cleaner map when you have a lot of locations to display.

Search when map moves functionality.

Google influenced Guesses

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WPSLP Updates

For WPSLP users you must have an an active Premier Subscription and register your subscription with the plugin. You may opt to update or not, and have the chance to test beta releases to download. MySLP customer do not need to concern themselves with updates, we do that for you.

Login at and go to “My Account”. Scroll down to the Premier Subscription section and copy your user ID and subscription ID.  Go to your website and login as a site administrator. Go to the Store Locator Plus / General / Admin section. Enter your user ID and subscription ID. You will then receive inline updates to the Premier Plugin whenever a new version is available and as long as you have an active subscription.