Welcome to the documentation site for Store Locator Plus.   Please bear with us as we bring over content from the legacy Store Locator Plus for WordPress site and start merging in our new My Store Locator Plus content.   There is a lot to go through and document; a significant challenge as the dev team is continually adding more to the product and refining what is already there.

If you get stuck please don’t hesitate to post in the WordPress forum or shoot us an email if you are a Premier Member or have a paid MySLP account.

Find more videos on the Store Locator Plus YouTube Channel.

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Getting Started

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Store Locator Plus

The base plugin. Our free Store Locator Plus product.

Our Add Ons

Extensions to Store Locator Plus that the SLP staff maintain and support

Experience – customize the look and feel of the locator.

Power – import, categorize, build location pages, and other tools for sites with large lists of locations.

Premier – included with a Premier subscription includes cluster map markers and territories.

Third Party

Extensions created by other developers that we list on our site for your convenience.

How To Videos

Find more videos on the Store Locator Plus YouTube Channel.

Other Destinations

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