Managed Directory Builder and Location Map

MySLP : Managed Locator Service

Our Fully Managed service, MySLP, is ready-to-go.   Start adding your locations and when you are ready to deploy click “Generate Embed”, copy the JavaScript snippet and paste it into your website or mobile app.

Our MySLP service hosts your location information and application services on a high performance computer network in the cloud.   We manage the backups, security, performance tuning, and keep Store Locator Plus upgraded to the latest release for you.   All you have to do is add your locations and “turn the dials” to set the look-and-feel for your web presence or mobile application.

WordPress Directory Builder and Locations Map

WordPress Self-Managed Plugins

Our “Do It Yourself” solution for WordPress only, WP Store Locator Plus, takes a few moments to setup.  The Getting Started Guide will help you on your way.

This is where it all got started.   Our WordPress plugin is running on over 40,000 websites worldwide at this very moment.    Powerful add ons bring features like cluster markers, location categories , tags, additional selectors , filters, and  functionality to the  base plugin. No coding knowledge required to use this plug-in with or without add-ons.   Install it on your self-hosted WordPress site and find out why thousands of customers choose our locator and directory.

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus is a location services application that provides curated maps and directories of locations for your website and mobile app.   MySLP and WPSLP share many features and interface elements as documented on this site.   What are the differences?

MySLP is a fully managed service.  The locator software resides on our cloud servers.  We take care of keeping the software updated and secure.  You retain full control over the settings that define the user experience.    The locator is deployed on a website or mobile app with a JavaScript code snippet.  Yes, it also works with WordPress without having to install plugins.  For a low monthly fee you have fewer things to worry about.

WPSLP is a do-it-yourself product.   It is a set of “buy and own” WordPress plugins.  It addition to the core features of Store Locator Plus there are a couple of WordPress-specific content-building features like the SEO Pages.   When updates come out for WordPress or Store Locator Plus you need to manage the updates including backups and compatibility checks.   You pay once and own it with no monthly fees but also have a little more work to do to maintain software.


Power tools for larger sites.

It is available in the Power Add On for WPSLP and Professional  Service Level for MySLP.  Power provides the “power” features including location imports, location categorization, large list management tools.

This should be your first selection when “leveling up” your location software or service.


Categorize Locations – assign categories to your locations using formal category structures (WordPress taxonomies).   Users can filter results based on these categories.  Supports parent/child relationships in categories.

Export Locations – export your locations to a CSV file.

Import Locations – import multiple locations using a CSV file.

Bulk Actions to help you better manage larger lists of locations.

Location Pages – create SEO friendly detail pages  for each of your locations.   Pages are dynamically updated with your latest location data. (WPSLP only)

Experience / Professional

Create a custom user experience.

The Experience add on for WPSLP and the Professional level of service for MySLP provides the enhancements needed to customize the look-and-feel of your locator and directories.


Search Form Layout – change the search form layout.

Results Layout – change how your search results appear.

Map Info Bubble Layout – change what appears in the pop-up bubble

Map Styling – use standard format files for styling the map or use JSON.

State and Country Selectors – users can filter locations by selecting the state, or country.

Search Widgets – put location search forms in your side bar, in your footer , with dropdown selectors – anywhere that you can add widgets in your theme.

Premier / Enterprise

Build the ultimate locator and directory service for your visitors.

Exclusive to Premier Members and (some of the functionality also available for  MySLP Enterprise level subscriber)s, Premier/Enterprise provides added functionality and features you cannot find elsewhere.


Priority first-answer Premier member forum.

Territory support to assign locations to user-searched addresses versus standard distance-based searches.

Category Selector options Button bar, horizontal or vertical checkbox selector

Cluster markers for a cleaner map when you have a lot of locations to display.

Search when map moves functionality.

Google influenced Guesses

For additional suggestions for WPSLP please view the products pages.