Get A Google API Key

Updated , see Google Sever key

Before you get started you will need to get a Google Maps  API Key. Please note, there are some misleading instructions in the Google developer console telling you to restrict your API key when you move your site to production. The recommended way to do this for the majority of our WP SLP customers is to add  HTTP referrer and add a geocoding key. The two key approach is available for version 4.9.15.

Step 1: Go To the Google Developer Site

Google API Key Step 1
Google API Key Step 1

Step 2: Select “Create A Project” at the Google API Keys

Step 3: If you wish to restrict: Enter your website info at Google.

Step 4: Copy your browser API Key(s).

More info in May 30 2018 news release



API Key To Store Locator Plus

Enter the API Key in the Google API Server Key field under the General / Server tab in the Google Developers Console panel. Note: Do not add any “restrictor”.  Ignore that second set of instructions under the google Developer documentation. if you restrict your browser API, visitors to your site will not be able to see the locations.  what you can do is add HTTP referrers and then obtain a Geocoding API key:



Add A Location

Add a location or two or as many as you want  via the Add Location form. You will find this link, and other Store Locator Plus links, in the left sidebar under the Store Locator Plus entry.


If you have many locations to add, check out the Power add on with bulk import options.

NEXT Add new page on your WordPress where you want your locations  and map

Go to the sidebar of your WordPress admin panel and select “Add New” under the pages section. You will be creating a standard WordPress page. On that page add the [SLPLUS] shortcode. When a visitor goes to that page it will show a default search form and a Google Map.When someone searches for a zip code that is close enough to a location you entered it will show those locations on the map.

Short code can be lower or upper case

Tweak The Settings

You can modify basic settings such as km or miles for the radius setting under the Settings tab. There are default settings for search, map, and results. You may wish to change the settings such as show the map center around the area that has the most locations. Additional features and  settings are available via the add-on packs.

To read more about the various settings enter a keyword on this documentation site and search. Additional questions can be posted in the Store Locator Plus forums.