There are settings under the General tab for Admin , User Interface, Server, and Data. This documentation has been updated to reflect the Google API changes


The Admin tab is where your SLP Premier subscription Accounts ID , Add-on packs User info , and Update Notices are located. There is also a Reset Manage Locations button available for use to reset the back end Manage Locations  display page to the default view (10 locations per  page view). This feature was previously only available with the free SLP  Janitor Add-on.
There is also a Locations management option  to Highlight the locations that are not geo-coded on the Panel that displays your entered locations.

User Interface


Settings that effect how JavaScript works on your site: UI, jquery version, and where you can Turn Off SLP Maps

Power Add-on settings (if activated)

Location Sensor (GPS) can be checked to be the default when your site visitor  searches for an address.  The check box is found under the General/User Interface.  This can be slow to load and customers are prompted whether or not to allow location sensing.

 Program Interface:

An address can be pre-loaded via a URL string ?address=my+town.  This will disable the location sensor whenever the address is used in the URL.



Geocoding Info

Server settings speed, number of retries to geocode, Maximum Retry delay  (wait between retries, in seconds. Use multiples of 1. Recommended value is 5.) Note: This does not mean Geocoding will automatically work if you have NOT enabled the geocoding API under your project via Googles Platform instructions.

Directory Builder settings (if activated)

Turn nonces on or off. Turning off nonces can allow other sites to scrape your data.


Google Keys info

Most people will not have the Google Business License, since Google has changed the API requirements to be associated with a Billing account (Pay as you go) versions of SLP above 4.9.15 will no longer have a fiekd for this.

If you have obtained a Google Maps API key  (required for all new domain sites as of June 22, 2016 and updated terms ALL sites as of July 2018 with billing accounts associated with them )  you would enter it here.   Previously Google just threw  a warning  if you did not have a Google Map API key on your server. If you had your domain site up and running prior to June 22, 2016 you were grandfathered in, that is no longer the case.  All sites must have a Google Maps API key and a billing account attached.  Note:  If you are a MYSLP subscriber you need not worry about this step.

Web App Settings Info

PHP Time limit is set in this box. This affects PHP processing time for CSV imports, Janitor deltions, Bulk actions. The SLP Default is 600.  On most servers you will need to edit this setting in the php.ini.file since server default is most likely 30


Data Extensions live here. It will vary depending on the add-ons or subscriptions you have active.