Login to your MySLP Account shown in our home page tab:


Login 2016 08

Add A Location

The initial login should bring you to the Locations tab on the MySLP page.

Go to the Store Locator Plus side menu to begin adding Locations or (with Professional Plan or higher)  Import locations

Click the Add Location button to add a new location.

Enter your location details and save the location by scrolling down to the bottom of the form and clicking “Save”.

Add Location 2016 08

Your location will be geocoded (adding the latitude and longitude for the address) and added to your list of locations. An overview of the list can be seen either under the MYSLP side menu or the StoreLocatorPlus /Locations menu.

Location List 2016 08

Generate Your Embed Code

The Embed code is the codesnippet you will put into your website to display the MySLP locator on a page.   Start the process by clicking “Generate Embed” on the top right of the page.

This will generate your embed code.   You can leave the default settings in place for your first deployment.    Copy the deployment script.

Generate Embed Code 2016 08

Deploy On Your Website

Now you have the elements you need to deploy your MySLP locator map on your website.  The deployment method varies based on that technology you are using to manage your site.   The basic premise is the same:

  • Add the code you copied above into the HTML of your web page. By default you will add something like this to your site:

The following articles will help you deploy your MySLP locator on different types of websites.

Deploying on WordPress

Deploying with HTML

Deploying on SquareSpace

For additional information about customizing with Weebly:

Weebly layouts