The Power Add On includes basic search and results reports. When Power is installed you will see a new Report tab on the Store Locator Plus admin pages. This tab is where you can view and generate locator search reports. See what visitors are searching for and what results are being returned.


Enable Reporting

Check this to turn on search tracking and reporting for your locator searches.

This is the only option that is shown when reporting has been disabled.

Report Summary

After users have started performing Store Locator Plus searches on your site a graph will be displayed showing Store Locator Plus searches and results.

Report Parameters

This is where you tell Store Locator Plus what filters you want to apply to the reporting data, such as setting a date range to report on.

Start Date

Show all searches and results on or after this date.

End Date

Show all searches and results on or before this date.

Report Limit

Limit the top addresses searched and top results returned reports to no more than this many entries.

Top 10 Addresses Searched

A chart showing the most-entered addresses in the Store Locator Plus search box.

Export To CSV

Export the top searches and top results tables to a CSV file.

Export All Records

Check this box to export all records for the given date range, do not limit to the number of records shown in the admin interface.

Top Searches

This button exports the top searches CSV file.

Top Results

This button exports the top results CSV file.