Tags  (text,  label identifier) can be added to any location with the Power Add On, .   It is a quick and informal way to add categorization or grouping features to your Store Locator Plus locations.


Settings for Store Locator Plus Tag Search are under the Experience / Search tab  in the Search Feature section when you have the Power Add On installed.

Turning On Tag Searching

Tag based searches are off by default.  Set the Search Form Tag Input to something other than “none”.

Custom Label For Tag Searching

You can set a custom label for the tag search input. By default the label is blank. Leave blank type in what you want to appear for the Search By Tag Label: entry

Pulldown or Text Input

You can elect to have either a drop down , radio button, or a text box input for users when filtering results by location tags. The default mode is to allow for free-form text input. To use the other methods you must enter a series of your tags separated by commas.

dropdown with tags option
dropdown with tags option

Providing An Any Selection On The Tag Pulldown

You can also provide an “any” selection which will search for all locations, in addition to the list of tags you enter on the drop down. Check off the “show any” setting and Store Locator Plus will automatically add the phrase “any” to the top of your search list.

The tag filter matches the information entered in the tags field under your locations using a partial match method. If you have something tagged with the word “anything” and someone searches for “any” it will match. It will also match a search for “thing” and “thin” so be unique in your naming.

Text Based Tag Filters

Users can filter the location results by entering tags in the text box. This will return only those results that contain the tag entered.

select any with hotel, tag
select any with text for hotel will show all locations with hotel tag within range specified

If the user leaves the input box blank and perform a search then all locations that are in the search area will be returned regardless of tags.

Limiting Maps To A Single Tag

With the [slplus] shortcode you can add the only_with_tag attribute to create a map that will only include locations that have the tag you specify.

To limit a map to only select from locations with the tag “Wholesale” you would use the shortcode [slplus only_with_tag=”Wholesale”].

Note: Keep in mind that tags are case and space sensitive.  Be careful when entering your tags or setting the only_with_tag on your shortcode.