Results Order by display

The Base Plugin default is to show the order of the  results below your map by distance with closest to the searched address first.   With either the Experience Add-on or the Premier Add-on the following order by options to  display the results will be shown under your Experience/Results/Panel

  • Closest list the closest to the search address or center of the map (this is the default)
  • A..Z- alphabetical sort of locations.alphabetical sort of locations
  • Random- random order of locations, changes on each search
  • Featured, Rank, Closest
  • Featured, Rank, A..Z
  • Featured, Closest
  • Featured, A..Z
  • Rank, A..Z
  • Rank, ClosestOrder results Experience addon







With the Experience or Premier Add-on you also have  the ability to determine if you wish to  display Featured Locations by choosing from the Drop Down –  set if the featured location should “always: be shown or “only if in radius”