Q:    Can you help me identify the Store locator Plus add-ons that replace the add-ons now described as Legacy?

A:  Power Add-on  will deactivate and replace the following:

  • Pro Pack
  • Tagalong
  • Pages (also referred to as Store Pages)
  • Contact Extender
  • Directory Builder

Experience Add-On will deactivate and replace the following:

  • Enhanced Search
  • Enhanced Map
  • Enhanced Results
  • Widgets (additional city/state feature is ONLY available with the Experience Add-on Widgets)

if  you have an active  Premier subscription , the  current version as of 4.9.xx (2018)  includes:

  • Power Add-on
  • Experience Add-on
  • Additional features and functionality as shown on the products page

Note: Third Party  Add-ons — ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE  AND WILL NOT WORK WITH SLP versions 4.8 and above and may need to be deactivated.