Schedule For Initial Distance

The Premier Add On allows you to set a scheduled interval using the built-in WordPress Cron scheduler to calculate the initial distance for locations where the distance is zero.

The initial distance setting is used by Store Locator Plus to boost performance when loading the initial map.  It uses and SQL index on a numeric value to select a subset of data versus calculating values for potentially thousands of locations and then filtering based on the calculation.  For sites with more than 1,000 locations this feature significantly boosts initial map loading performance.

Viewing WordPress Scheduled Events

included in WPSLP Premier subscription 

The Premier Add On provides various options for scheduling routine maintenance of locations.    For example, you can set Store Locator Plus to geocode uncoded locations twice per day; something that can be useful for a hands-off approach when loading locations remotely through direct data connections.    Being able to see all of the events that are scheduled on your WordPress site is a useful tool in managing your server load.     With the addition of the scheduled events, the Premier subscription plugin also provides a “schedule insight” tool.