Store Locator Plus uses the built-in WordPress internationalization and localization tools to translate the interface text into various languages.  Starting in October 2015, Store Locator Plus has become part of the WordPress Translate project.  You can contribute translations for the base plugin at the Store Locator Plus directory at WordPress Translate.

If you do not see the base plugin in your language, check the SLP Translate report for the latest Stable Release and make sure your language is at 100%.  The Translate system will not create a language export for partial translations.  If you want to help with the translation, send a request to be added to the WordPress PolyGlots project.

Learn About Translate.WordPress.Org.

Add On Translation

We recommend using the Loco Translate plugin to load the text strings, add the translation in your language, and save the .po and .mo files needed to operate our plugins in any language.   Send us your .po and .mo files and you can get free stuff (see below).

For add-ons, the language files are stored in the plugin ./languages directory and include a .po and .mo file for each language that has been completed.    The default language is American English which is stored in the csa-slplus-en_US.po file.

.po Files

The .po file is the “human readable” translation file.  It is used to assist in translating from one language into another.   By default the Store Locator Plus .po files will be based on the English language.    The second line in the .po file can be edited to provide the proper translation to another language.

.mo Files

The .mo file is created from the .po file after the strings have been translated.  There are tools that convert the .po file into a .mo file for you.   The .mo file is a machine readable file that is faster for the computer to process.    It is required to complete the translation when running WordPress.

Naming Conventions

WordPress Language Files follow the industry standard naming convention, using a 2-letter language code (ISO 639-1 standard) followed by an underscore and a 2-letter country code (ISO 3166-1 standard), as a suffix.  For each plugin and add-on pack the files are stored in the ./languages subdirectory and start with the textdomain assigned to each plugin.

Translate, Get Free Stuff!

New translations of the base plugin and add-ons are always wanted in ANY of the 160+ languages that WordPress supports.

If you have helped Store Locator Plus reach the 100% mark for any language at, please send a link to the language strings you helped translate. If you have translated and add-on, please send us the completed .po and .mo files.

Once we verify your contribution we will send along a premium add-on pack as a thank you for helping make Store Locator Plus an international product.  You will also become part of the Store Locator Plus Community Contributors. As such you may request an invitation to our Store Locator Plus Slack Channel to see what is being implemented and current development progress.

If you wish to contribute by helping with translations, contact us.