The Power add on for WordPress Store Locator Plus and the Power level for MySLP product line is within the Professional plan share similar features and functionality.  Whereas they are similar, they are not interchangeable.  For instance, you cannot use the MySLP Power or Professional  level service plan to export your WordPress location data and vice versa.  There is a feature for MySLP subscribers that will allow some basic location loading from your SLP or other WP locator base plug-in. See News feed here for more info. Additionally, MySLP does not have SEO Pages or Directory Builder capability as yet.

Note: Where the WP symbol appears below, those features are built into the WordPress SLP Power add-on only.


Assign categories to your locations that allow users to pick a category and show only those locations.  Great for showing service versus retail centers or locations that carry specific products.

Location Import

Import locations using a CSV file.    The location import can be scheduled to read from a hosted location on a regular basis.

Directory Builder

Build lists of cities, states, and countries where you have locations using a simple WordPress shortcode.

Only available within Power WPSLP.

SEO Pages

Builds web pages for each of your locations using dynamic location data from the locations list.  Change the address of a location on your locations list and the page reflects the change.

Only available within the Power WPSLP.

Export  SLP Locations to a CSV file