Get A Google API Key

This section pertains to the WordPress Store Locator Plus plug-in.  If you are a subscriber to  MySLP, our SaaS service, you can ignore this page.

Before you get started you will need to get a Google Maps Standard API Key.   UPDATE TO INSTRUCTIONS: Please note, there are some misleading instructions in the Google developer console telling you to  create a browser-restricted API key when you move your site to production. DO NOT DO THAT!  Keep the same API key and do not add any restrictions.

Step 1: Go To the Google Developer Site

Get Key
Instructions under Google Maps API Tips are misleading. Do Not go back later and restrict your browser key.

Step 2: Select “Create A Project” at the Google API Keys

Ignore the “Tip” in Google Developer Console”


Enter your website info at Google.

Google API Key Step 3
Google API Key Step 3

Step 4: Copy your API Key.

Add The API Key To Store Locator Plus

Enter the API Key  under the General / Server tab under the Google Developers Console panel that is labeled “Google Browser key”.

For an easy to follow tutorial please visit our SLP You tube channel and view Getting Started