The ability to categorize your locations using the WordPress category (taxonomy) system.  The Categories Manager (Formerly known as Tagalong) is now part of the Power Add-on  and it builds on the Store Locator Plus store_page taxonomy that is also used with the Pages portion of the Power Add-on.  Build a “simple flat list” of categories or a hierarchical (parent/child) category structure. Once you’ve categorized locations you will find other added benefits on the user interface.

categroy selector front end power
Settings panel is where you change the settings that affect how the category elements appear on the user interface.

Moving Category Icon
This is done via the Results Layout in the Experience / Results tab. You can move around the shortcodes and HTML elements via the text area interface to place the icon element wherever you’d like it. You will need the  Experience add-on to manipulate the results layout.

The exact layout depends on the plugin style. Newer plugin styles have a shortcode to place the Category icon array in a specific location. If the iconarray shortcode is not present, it will be added to the very end of the Results Layout setting if you’ve elected to “show the category icons” in the admin panel.

Power add-on Categories Admin