WordPress Directory Builder and Locations Map
WordPress Directory Builder and Locations Map

Our “Do It Yourself” solution for WordPress only, WP Store Locator Plus, takes a few moments to setup.  The Getting Started Guide will help you on your way.

This is where it all got started.   Our WordPress plugin is running on over 40,000 websites worldwide at this very moment.    Powerful add ons bring features like cluster markers, location categories , tags, additional selectors , filters, and  functionality to the  base plugin. No coding knowledge required to use this plug-in with or without add-ons.   Install it on your self-hosted WordPress site and find out why thousands of customers choose our locator and directory.

Store Locator Plus

The base plugin is needed  before you purchase an add-on  Store Locator Plus product can be found here

Our Add Ons

Extensions to Store Locator Plus that the SLP staff maintain and support

Experience – customize the look and feel of the locator, search,results,map,widgets.

Power – import, categorize, build location store pages, build directories, additional contacts, and other tools for sites with large lists of locations.

Premier – both Experience and Power add-ons are included with a Premier subscription plus cluster map markers , territories, url action filters, customized features and functionality in addition to the alone add-ons.

How To Videos

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLP4RKgpdF-0eahOHMUuLqTfg8EjCQ58Wp&w=560&h=315]

Find more videos on the Store Locator Plus YouTube Channel.

Need More Assistance?

If you get stuck please don’t hesitate to post in the WordPress forum or shoot us an email.

Want To Focus On Your Biz?

Avoid having to deal with plugin installation and WP updates, and purchasing /setting up  Google Map API keys. You should check out the  My Store Locator Plus® instead.   We’ll worry about those things and you can get back to business.

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