Question: I would like to use your WordPress plugin to add location searching to my site. I would like to be able to rank and even possibly remove locations from the search results. Also, each location offers different products of mine. So, if a user selects a product and a zip code I would like to show them locations that offer the product they are looking for ranked in order of my ranking system. I have many locations (10k +). Can you please let me know what addons I will need to accomplish my goals? I definitely need to be able to upload CSVs.


  • Rank Locations (Experience)
  • Hide Locations (SLP)
  • Products Sold At Locations
  • Lots of Locations (SLP)
  • CSV Import


Store Locator Plus handles lots of locations (10k+) and the ability to hide locations (mark them private) without any add ons.

The Experience Add On provides the ability to rank and even feature locations.

The Power Add On provides the location import and export capability as well as categorization features.  Many sites setup categories as their products or product lines and associate those categories with the locations.

If you are interested in purchasing the Power and Experience add ons you may wan to consider the Premier Membership.   Read more here.

Add Ons That Support This Feature

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