Pro Pack Legacy Add-on not compatible with SLP version 4.8

But I Paid For Those Pro Pack Features!

…. and you can keep them.  The solution is simple, keep the base SLP plugin and any add-on packs the way they are.  Do not upgrade!   Remember, upgrades are optional.  We do not auto-update the way WordPress has in the past.  When you purchased the Pro Pack from Charleston Software Associates you purchased a product that does A,B, and C for $X.    Those features do not go away if you do not install the optional update to SLP version 4.8.

“But I want the latest coolest things for free and a lifetime guarantee.  That is how the world, and especially technology  works, right”?   Ummm, no.   If there is a bug or a security patch needed  those will be made as part of the regular updater service.  Compatibility issues with other plug-ins, or with newer versions of the base plug-in,  or your theme are not.

“But my customer will upgrade the plugins, regardless, I just know it!”.   Wait, you have customers “updating” their own plugins but don’t know enough about plugins or how WordPress works  that they had to hire you in the first place?  Yikes!   That means they don’t read warnings, news  posts, release specifications, change logs, or  upgrade notes BEFORE hitting the update now button.     That is a very, very bad practice.   In fact upgrading just for the sake of upgrading to have the shiniest new thing is not really a great idea on a production server.  In fact it is a very bad idea!  Production servers are meant to be stable.  Constant re-installation of new software makes it inherently unstable.   Tell them to stop upgrading live production servers just for fun.   Read & learn BEFORE upgrading.  Use a back-up service. Use Vault Press or Jet Pack. Hire a site administrator with experience to do these things for you.

Or, you may want to consider  MYSLP SAAS


Power (WPSLP) / Power (MySLP) Overview

The Power add on for WordPress and the Power level for MySLP share the same features and functionality.    Here is an overview of some of the features you will find in this offering.


Assign categories to your locations then allow users to pick a category and show only those locations.  Great for showing service versus retail centers or locations that carry specific products.
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Troubleshooting Large scale Exports/Imports

Issue: Exports are Incomplete

Multiple large-scale exports (export function is available with Power Add-on ) have been tested on the Store Locator Plus dev site. On a relatively small server, a virtual machine with 2GB RAM running CentOS 6, we  have been able to export 10,000 locations within 15 minutes with no issues. Special characters and extended data have also exported without issue.

If you are experiencing  issues there are several things to check that can cause problems during an export:

Web Server Process Limits

Apache, and nginx as far as I are aware, have per-process limits. This is built into the web server to prevent “runaway” processes that eat up all of the CPU and memory on the server over time. On shared servers this limit is very low and typically allows 30 seconds to 2 minutes of processing time. Large data sets can use up to 5 minutes or more of processing time. Make sure your server has a high enough limit to allow the entire data export to complete execution.
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Category Manager

The Category Manager section provides a full management interface for Store Categories.  This is where you will add new categories, determine if you want them to be a parent or a child , rank the category (optional) in the extended data,  add a medium icon and/or map marker.

Categories is available in the Power WordPress plugin or Power or higher levels of the MySLP service.
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[slp_directory] List Mode

The Power add-on provides added functionality and features for large location lists, SEO management, and categorization of locations.

It also includes the ability to build simple text list directories of your locations via the [slp_directory] shortcode.
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