Using Custom Map Markers

Store Locator Plus allows you to set a custom marker for all of your locations.

Upload Your Marker

Start by uploading the marker to a web accessible location.


Go to Media / Add New in the WordPress admin panel.

Upload your marker.

View the attachment details for the newly uploaded marker and copy the URL.
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Q. What is the purpose of ranking under category manager?

A. Category ranking is a feature when you are using the Power Add-on and the category manager. The rank is used to sort the categories which will affect the map marker that is used when a location has been assigned more than one category. Following the page ranking paradigm set by WordPress, the rank field is a simple numeric weighting for the categories. This extended data attribute for categories makes it easy to re-arrange the “weight” of categories for map marker selection without mangling category slugs. The lower the number, the higher the precedence for the map marker.

Cluster Map Markers

Cluster Map Markers is available as part of the Premier plugin included with the Premier Subscription for Store Locator Plus.   Cluster Markers show a single map marker graphics when two or more markers are within close proximity to one-another on the current map view.   As a user zooms in the clusters break apart to show individual markers.  When the zoom out the individual location markers combine into a single marker graphic with the count of locations represented by the graphic shown in the center.

Premier 4.5 Cluster Map Markers
Premier 4.5 Cluster Map Markers

Turn On Cluster Markers

Go to the Store Locator Plus Experience / Map tab and look in the Appearance section for “Enable Cluster Markers”.

Premier 4.5 Experience Map Settings
Premier 4.5 Experience Map Settings

Read the Store Locator Plus news articles about Cluster Map Markers.

Map Panel Settings

The Map section under the User Experience Settings tab is where you find the settings that impact the look-and-feel as well as the behavior of the Map layout and response. The settings contained in the map panel changes the functions (map domain,zoom) and appearance of the map and provides an array of behaviors and selections of Google Map domains,language and additional functionality. For more functionality or to change the Map Layout requires the Experience  or Premier add-on). Note the Plug-in style will also impact the view of the map and search.
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