Adding Locations

Locations are added to Store Locator Plus through the WordPress admin panel.

After you have installed Store Locator Plus on your WordPress site you will see a menu entry for Store Locator Plus.     Select “Locations” from the Store Locator Plus sidebar menu or tabs.

If you do not have any locations in the system you will be brought to the Add sub-tab automatically.   If you see a list of locations click “Add” in the subtab menu.

Enter your location information.    All entries are optional.  If all fields are left empty the location will not be added.   It is recommended that you enter a Name, City, and State (province) at a minimum.

Store Locator Plus will ask Google’s Geocoding service to provide the latitude and longitude for the address you’ve entered.   The more details you provide for the address the more accurate Google will be on pinpointing the location.

Note: You can set the map domain to further assist Google in pinpointing locations.  The default is to lookup addresses with a United-States region influence.

You can view the list of locations you have created by going to the Manage sub-tab on the Store Locator Plus Locations tab.