Make SLP Core: git VCS in phpStorm

If you have git version control setup and you have connected it to phpStorm properly you can make commits and push them up to origin directly from within phpStorm. This video shows how to view which files were updated, what changed in the files, select them to be commited to the codebase and pushing them up to the repository.

Make SLP Core: Managing Supported Add On Versions

The Store Locator Plus® WordPress plugin self-checks all add ons to ensure they are a compatible release. If SLP has any breaking changes all known add ons that do not support the new code architecture will be automatically disabled. While this is also true for the SaaS product, it is not an issue for those users as we manage the entire application environment to ensure all the add on features are compatible with the main locator code.

In the attached video we show how to change the Store Locator Plus main version number as well as how to disable the Janitor plugin as the current release is no longer supported.

To change the SLP product version we update the readme.txt file and store-locator-le.php file.

To disable the Janitor plugin we change a property in the SLPlus class that indicates the minimum require version of SLP Janitor is 99.99.99 for SLP 5.5 or higher.

Make SLP Core : Getting Started

The following tools are used to maintain SLP Core including the SaaS and WordPress plugins.

VVV – Varying Vagrant Vagrants , a virtual machine environment for WP development as per the WP Core Development Getting Started guide.    They have a decent installing vvv guide.

SourceTree – a visual git repository manager.

phpStorm – an IDE for editing code, controlling Vagrant installs and sometimes even code commits (overlaps with SourceTree which has a better visual branch manager).  If you buy this get the individual/personal use license.