Q. What is meant by Experience in the User Interface

A. The (User) Experience settings in Store Locator Plus determine how the front end, that part of the plugin your site visitors interact with, looks and behaves. The settings on the (User) Experience tab change how the plugin looks and acts across all of the locators you have on your site. Some of the attributes set here can be overridden via shortcode attributes with the Experience Add-on.

Store Locator Plus Base free plugin under Experience tab
Store Locator Plus Base free plugin under Experience tab
Experience tab Functions with Experience ADD-on
Experience tab Functions with Experience ADD-)N

No Results Found label

With the Experience Add-on you may  elect to change the Results response.

If a site visitor types and unfamiliar  keyword or address  that  is not in your locations data fields or  Google Maps returns a map that is not where your site visitor  wants to be,  you can provide instructions to help them narrow down the selection and return the correct location.
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Search Panel Settings

How SLP Search Works

Store Locator Plus searching can operate in radius or discrete search mode.  The default mode is radius based and is the premise behind much of the operational aspects of the Store Locator Plus plugin.  Additional search features and settings can be obtained through the  Experience Add-on suite and/or  the Premier Subscription (see below).
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