Location Sensor

The Location Sensor is a Power Add On feature.

The location sensor feature is turned on/off with a simple check box.  When it is turned on the Store Locator Plus plugin will query the user’s browser and request their current location.    If the browser allows location queries it will return their geographic location which will be used to set the default search location.

Power 4.5 General User Interface
Power 4.5 General User Interface

Please note that users can disable this feature in their browser on a per-page or internet-wide basis.  Some browsers do not support this feature and some browsers return inaccurate location data.

Location Aware Browsing

Accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some places, our service providers may be able to provide a location to within a few meters. However, in other areas it might be much more than that. All locations returned by our service providers are estimates only and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the locations provided.