Troubleshooting Large scale Exports/Imports

Issue: Exports are Incomplete

Multiple large-scale exports (export function is available with Power Add-on ) have been tested on the Store Locator Plus dev site. On a relatively small server, a virtual machine with 2GB RAM running CentOS 6, we  have been able to export 10,000 locations within 15 minutes with no issues. Special characters and extended data have also exported without issue.

If you are experiencing  issues there are several things to check that can cause problems during an export:

Web Server Process Limits

Apache, and nginx as far as I are aware, have per-process limits. This is built into the web server to prevent “runaway” processes that eat up all of the CPU and memory on the server over time. On shared servers this limit is very low and typically allows 30 seconds to 2 minutes of processing time. Large data sets can use up to 5 minutes or more of processing time. Make sure your server has a high enough limit to allow the entire data export to complete execution.
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Q. We are developing a new website and want to move the content can I add the plug-in data we already have, into the new website?

A. If you are moving something like a staging/test site to a new site and want to bring everything over intact , the Store Locator Plus author strongly recommends looking into the WordPress backup tool Vault Press, or better ,  Jet Pack.   One of the features included , besides real-time incremental backups of your site with restore points, is the ability to restore the site to an alternate site.
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With the Power Add-on you will see the Reports tab in the SLP UI with the panel showing REPORTS and SETTINGS.
See what visitors are searching for and what results are being returned.


Enable Reporting

Check this box to turn on search tracking and reporting for your locator searches.


This panel will appear when reporting is enabled.

Power reports

Report Summary

After users have started performing Store Locator Plus searches on your site a graph will be displayed showing Store Locator Plus searches and results.

Report Parameters

This is where you tell Store Locator Plus what filters you want to apply to the reporting data, such as setting a date range to report on.


Start Date/End date

Only show data on or after this date and/or before  the end date

Report Limit

Limit the top addresses searched and top results returned reports

Top 10 Addresses Searched

A chart form showing the most-entered addresses on your url  using the Store Locator Plus search box.

Top 10 Results Returned

top 10 Power report

Export Settings

Options to Export the top searches and top results tables to a CSV file, or Export All Records  for the given date range and do not limit to the number of records shown in the admin interface.