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Most Common “What Should I Buy” Questions

The most common features requested:

  • Import Locations (Power)
  • Export Locations (Power)
  • Map Markers Based On Category (Power)
  • Cluster Map Markers (Premier)
  • Change The Layout (Experience)
  • Change The Look Of The Map (Experience)
  • Add Location Search To Other Pages (Experience)
  • Categorize Locations (Power)
  • Associate Products With Locations (Power)
  • List By City or State (Experience)
  • Creating SEO Pages From Locations (Power)

Read below for answers to these questions and check out our other “What To Buy” articles.
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What To Buy : Rank Hide Import 10K Locations With Products Offered

Question: I would like to use your WordPress plugin to add location searching to my site. I would like to be able to rank and even possibly remove locations from the search results. Also, each location offers different products of mine. So, if a user selects a product and a zip code I would like to show them locations that offer the product they are looking for ranked in order of my ranking system. I have many locations (10k +). Can you please let me know what addons I will need to accomplish my goals? I definitely need to be able to upload CSVs.
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How to upload and install your Store Locator Plus Add-Ons

Obtaining An Add On Pack

All add-on packs are available from the Store Locator Plus website.   Power Add-On (updated 4.5.xx  and above which includes the former Pro Pack, Tagalong, Contact Extender, Pages and Directory Builder),  Experience Add-on (includes updated 4.5 and above former legacy Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Maps and Widgets) , or you can purchase a Premier Subscription that provides access to all of the add-on packs as well as preferred access to the Premier support forums, pre-release products, new features and functionality that is  available only to subscribers. The Legacy add-ons are currently available for purchase but will not be updated beyond their current versions.

Note: If you purchase Power or Experience add-ons as an upgrade to your existing  (Legacy) add-ons, the legacy add-ons will automatically be deactivated.


Install An Add On Pack

Add On Packs are not listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory.    As such they need to be installed via the below  installation process.

  • Login To Your Store Locator Plus  Account
  • Download the latest zip file for your add-on pack.
  • Login to your WordPress admin panel for your website.
  • Go to the plugins sidebar menu.
  • Select Add New.
  • Select Upload.
  • Browse to your downloaded zip file.
  • Click Install now.
  • Activate

Updating An Add On Pack

Once installed a query from the WordPress Admin Panel communicates with the Store Locator Plus servers and a message  or red line will be shown as updates are available.  Occasionally, the WP server times out before it gets to the SLP plugin servers. Use the check again tool in the WP Admin sidebar or check the versions at the Store Locator Plus home page. You may also opt to follow our news feeds, twitter and Facebook for information.
WP check again

Some third-party plugins and WordPress themes can prevent the update notice appearing from the Store Locator Plus server.   It is prudent to visit the Versions Page and, if necessary, perform a manual update.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel for your website.
  • Go to the plugins sidebar menu.
  • Find the add-on pack you are trying to update.
  • Deactivate that add-on pack plugin.
  • Delete the add-on pack plugin (it will keep your settings and locations).
  • Follow the “Install An Add On Pack” instructions.