SEO Pages functionality is part of the Power add-on.  For the  Pages functionality to appear you must enable pages under the General / Server tab.  When “enable pages” is checked your locations will automatically be set to show that they have pages under the locations manager. They are set  as draft by default. They will  have unique ids. You will also see the Store Locator Plus logo with STORE PAGES appear on your WP menu  sidebar.


Once enabled the sidebar menu with Pages will appear under the Store Locator Plus Logo

All “Pages” Templates are bound by WordPress page processing.   The Store Locator Plus  short codes  are unique but follow WordPress codex.  Depending on your theme rules, and/or the appearance (Layout) of the store page , the  shortcodes  may work differently.

The Page Template setting on the Pages tab allows you to change the default page layout for a store page. The template should be written using basic HTML as allowed by the WordPress page editor in “text” (versus visual) mode.

The [storepage] shortcode works for STORE Pages only. It allows any field from the base Store Locator Plus locations table to be output on the page. You must specifiy a field to output by using the field attribute. For example [storepage field=”sl_store”].

Note: The Store Pages Short codes are not the same as  LAYOUT  within  the settings tab (results, search,  info bubble , map layout, etc) . The layouts use SLP data fields and html.   Layouts under those settings can be changed with the Experience Add-on.