Results Interaction

Results Interaction is a set of features provided by the Premier Add On. This set of features provides a variety of visual cues on the location map to indicate which location a user has clicked on when viewing a list of locations.   This provides a variety of additional options beyond the standard Info Bubble that Store Locator Plus displays when a location is clicked.

Use the Experience add-on to completely disable the Info Bubble and only use these interactive result indicators.


The Result Interaction settings are managed via the Experience tab under the Results sub tab.   Look for the Results Interaction group.


Animate Marker

How to animate the map marker when a user clicks the corresponding result.

  • None – No animation for the marker.
  • Bounce – Continually bounce the marker.
  • Drop – Drop the marker from the “sky” with a single bounce.

Label Marker

How to label the map marker when a user clicks the corresponding result.

  • No Label –  Do not add a label.
  • Name – Show the store name.

Map Movement

How should the map behave when a location is clicked?

  • Stationary – Do not move.
  • Center Location – Center the location on the map.

Marker Icon Behavior

How should the marker icon change when a result is clicked?

  • Keep As Is – Do not change the marker.
  • Use Active Marker Icon – Use the active marker icon specified in Active Marker Icon.

Active Marker Icon

What to change the marker to when clicked.

Enter a URL to a map marker graphic or select from the pre-installed map markers to set the URL to a Store Locator Plus built-in marker.

This marker will be used to replace the location’s default map marker when the user clicks on the location in the results list.   When another location is selected the map marker will revert back to the initial marker graphic.

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