Q. How do I change this heading “Dealers and Contractors” in the template of the Above & Beyond NyloBoard Rev 04 style?

You can do that with the Experience Add-on

Under the SLP admin tab Experience/View. Open and expand the Locator Layout box and you will see the styling such as <div id=”sl_div”><div id=”sl_top”><div id=”sl_top_left”><div id=”search_box”><div id=”search_box_header”>[slp_option name=”search_box_title”]</div><div id=”search_box_form”>[slp_search]</div></div></div><div id=”sl_top_right”>[slp_map]</div></div><div id=”sl_mid”><div id=”sl_mid_left”></div><div id=”sl_mid_right”>[tagalong legend]</div></div><div id=”sl_bottom”><div id=”results_box”><div id=”results_box_header”>Dealers and Contractors</div><div id=”results_box_output”>[slp_results]</div></div>

Just change the words “Dealer and Contractors” to what you want it to be called and save changes.   Example, I changed it to stores and more:changed-style-words-of-pluginstyleabovenadbeyon