Gravity Forms Locations (Free) vs. Integration (Paid)

The Gravity Forms add-ons are available to purchase at  Store Locator Plus.

Gravity Forms Locations”  by De-Baat  (free) is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory and works with Store Locator Plus. The paid version, Gravity Forms Integration  is available as a paid add-on , available at the Store Locator Plus home page under Third Party Add-ons  and provides extended capabilities.

In addition to all of the features found in the free version, the paid version adds the following features:

Extended data capabilities, free version applies basic SLP data.
Search filters. Premium paid version supports the same filtering as “Country_Selector” under the Experience Add-on Search filter with
Shortcode support.  Premium version supports [[SLPLUS]] atributes “gfl_form_id_selector=”hidden” gfl_form_id=”.
Custom mapping definitions. Free version supports mapping of basic SLP data from basic GF elements. Premium version supports custom definition of GF elements to SLP data, including extended data.
Gravity Forms Integration : Added Form Attributes

With GFI, you have some additional extended data and shortcode attributes:


This will use the extended data field “gfl_form_id” to filter out the locations generated with that GF form. You can check those values in the edit locations screen.

With this attribute, you can hide the selector drop down on the slplus page.

This service is not yet available for MySLP.