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What To Buy: Filter By Brand


We need to filter our locations by brand.  Does your plugin or an extension to your plugin have this feature?

Assigning Brands To Locations

Power is the right choice for doing that. The Power add-on allows for simple categories or complex parent/child relationships between categories. Locations can be assigned to one or more categories. Your users can then search for locations based on those categories.

Add a category for each brand you offer and your users will be able to filter locations showing only those that offer specific brands.

Add Ons That Support This Feature

Buy The Power Add On

Buy The Power Add On

Most Common “What Should I Buy” Questions

The most common features requested:

  • Import Locations (Power)
  • Export Locations (Power)
  • Map Markers Based On Category (Power)
  • Cluster Map Markers (Premier)
  • Change The Layout (Experience)
  • Change The Look Of The Map (Experience)
  • Add Location Search To Other Pages (Experience)
  • Categorize Locations (Power)
  • Associate Products With Locations (Power)
  • List By City or State (Experience)
  • Creating SEO Pages From Locations (Power)

Read below for answers to these questions and check out our other “What To Buy” articles.
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What To Buy : Rank Hide Import 10K Locations With Products Offered

Question: I would like to use your WordPress plugin to add location searching to my site. I would like to be able to rank and even possibly remove locations from the search results. Also, each location offers different products of mine. So, if a user selects a product and a zip code I would like to show them locations that offer the product they are looking for ranked in order of my ranking system. I have many locations (10k +). Can you please let me know what addons I will need to accomplish my goals? I definitely need to be able to upload CSVs.
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Q. What is meant by Experience in the User Interface

A. The (User) Experience settings in Store Locator Plus determine how the front end, that part of the plugin your site visitors interact with, looks and behaves. The settings on the (User) Experience tab change how the plugin looks and acts across all of the locators you have on your site. Some of the attributes set here can be overridden via shortcode attributes with the Experience Add-on.

Store Locator Plus Base free plugin under Experience tab

Store Locator Plus Base free plugin under Experience tab

Experience tab Functions with Experience ADD-on

Experience tab Functions with Experience ADD-)N

Q. We are developing a new website and want to move the content can I add the plug-in data we already have, into the new website?

A. If you are moving something like a staging/test site to a new site and want to bring everything over intact , the Store Locator Plus author strongly recommends looking into the WordPress backup tool VaultPress.   One of the features included in VaultPress, besides real-time incremental backups of your site with restore points, is the ability to restore the site to an alternate site.
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Q. What is the purpose of ranking under category manager?

A. Category ranking is a feature when you are using the Power Add-on and the category manager. The rank is used to sort the categories which will affect the map marker that is used when a location has been assigned more than one category. Following the page ranking paradigm set by WordPress, the rank field is a simple numeric weighting for the categories. This extended data attribute for categories makes it easy to re-arrange the “weight” of categories for map marker selection without mangling category slugs. The lower the number, the higher the precedence for the map marker.